With the utmost interest in keeping our running family healthy and safe, we will be taking a brief hiatus from our weekly runs. We will return soon and run for our beers again.

Take care of yourself and your families. Stay connected on your favorite social media connection for updates!

High-Five Captain

First Member to return after the run

The sole responsibility is to high-five every member as they complete their run


No, not that kind of streaking, but the member who has currently been running consecutively with us the longest!

Chris Lorenz

(11 consecutive weeks)


Last member to leave Nellie's (probably because they're having just too much fun!)


Members who reached the special milestones with the club!

Maria Staudigel
(earned the T-SHIRT)

Jason Womack
(earned the T-SHIRT)


Members who have reached annual membership with us!

Check back next week!


Just because, we recognize those who have made it another year around the sun!

Check back next week!

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