What are superlatives? It's our way of recognizing our members in unique ways!

Each of our superlatives can be found below:

December 12, 2019

High-Five Captain

First Member to return after the run

The sole responsibility is to high-five every member as they complete their run


No, not that kind of streaking, but the member who has currently been running consecutively with us the longest!

(17 consecutive weeks)


Last member to leave Nellie's (probably because they're having just too much fun!)


Members who reached the special milestones with the club!

None this week!


Members who have reached annual membership with us!

Dan Gregorich

(December 13th: 1st)

Chris Lorenz

(December 13th: 1st)

Kate Persons

(December 13th: 1st)

Cynthia Wallace

(December 13th: 1st)


Just because, we recognize those who have made it another year around the sun!

Jace Rubino

(December 16th)

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