*** NOTICE ***
With the utmost interest in keeping our running family healthy and safe, we will be taking a brief hiatus from our weekly runs. We will return soon and run for our beers again.

Take care of yourself and your families. Stay connected on your favorite social media connection for updates!

Membership to our running club is completely free! We enjoy meeting new people and want you here with us!

Join us often, and we will reward our frequent friendship with perks and free rewards!

  • Earn a free BOTTLE OPENER after earning 5 points!
  • Earn a free T-SHIRT after earning 10 points!
  • Earn a free BALLCAP after earning 27 points!
  • Earn a free RUNNING JACKET after earning 50 points!
Overall Runs
Name Points
Paul Cencula 124
Mitchell Morrison 116
Lindsey Cencula 104
Kevin Sand 93
Stephan Abt 80
Emily Davis 64
Jace Rubino 63
Kate Persons 39
Skip Tate 39
Mark Gilsdorf 38
Overall Runs
Name Points
Dan Gregorich 27
Mike Honkomp 27
Chris Lorenz 26
Danny Finn 22
Joe Pettinato 15
Carl Quint 11
Steven McMillan 10
Maria Staudigel 10
Jason Womack 10
Brett Meyer 7
Overall Runs
Name Points
Brett Reder 7
Austin Parker 5
Mike Bonacam 4
Ian Breyfogh 3
David Holliday 3
Katie Jones 3
Cynthia Wallace 3
Justin Jones 2
Ryan Moehring 1

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