We at Taft's Running Club strive to create a fun and inclusive running group devoted to craft beer and casual fitness. We have members who are both runners who like to drink beer, and beer drinkers who like to run. 

We are a year round running group and you'll find us running from 1-99 degrees. We want to be inviting to anyone who isn't sure if running with a group of strangers is for them. 

No matter how long it takes you to finish, you will finish with a high five from someone else, and beer just a few feet away.




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Free Rewards

Membership to our running club is completely free! We enjoy meeting new people and want you here with us!

Join us often, and we will even reward our frequent friendship with perks and free rewards!

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Beer Discounts

We enjoy running with each of our members every week, and in collaboration with Taft's we are pleased to introduce the streaking reward!

For each consecutive week you run with us, you will receive a discount on your beer purchase for the evening!!

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August 22

Weekly Run!

August 29

Weekly Run!

September 5

Weekly Run!

September 12

Weekly Run!

September 19

Weekly Run!

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